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Finding Good Resources

pictureWe live in the communication age. You can barely turn around without encountering some form of media; a radio, tv or computer, a magazine or a billboard. Even though we have abundant resources, it's not always easy finding what we need to know at the moment.

The good news is that most of us are only a click or phone call away from friends and family. The not-so-good news is that we can get stressed out by conflicting opinions or advice that doesn't fit our real needs.

You're always welcome at Next Step with questions about anything; parenting, health, education and relationships, or any other issues that come up. We're glad to share our resources, or do a little research to find a helpful answer.

We've providing some links on this page about a variety of topics; baby names, child development, personal issues, family life—even how to apply for assistance with groceries and health insurance.

Please remember we're here to help find the best options for you and your baby. We hope you will find the links helpful and reliable. We have tried to find resources that are familiar and have a good reputation.

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