Considering an Abortion

You deserve to know what abortion methods are used at different stages of pregnancy and what risks are involved in each procedure. The nurses at our clinic can help you understand all the facts, so you can make an informed decision. Make an appointment today to meet with one of our professional staff members who can provide information, listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

If you think you might be pregnant and you don’t want to be, you are probably pretty scared and considering having an abortion just to make it go away quickly. You don’t have to rush into terminating a pregnancy – you have time to figure things out. Before choosing to abort, you owe it to yourself to get as much information possible so you can feel confident you are making an informed decision and the best choice for you.

Abortion Recovery

It’s important to know that abortion is never an easy solution to an unplanned pregnancy, and the women who have abortions are not monsters – they are our daughters, our sisters and our friends. Many women have abortions because they are scared, they feel trapped and they just want life to be the way it was before there was a positive pregnancy test. If you, or someone you love has had an abortion and you are experiencing feelings of guilt, loss or isolation, you need to know that emotional healing is possible.

With nearly one out of every four pregnancies ending in abortion, it is reasonable to conclude that abortion touches everyone in one way or another. If you are seeking to make sense of your own or a loved one’s abortion experience, we invite you to contact our office and make an appointment to speak to one of our office advocates to learn more about opportunities for healing. You are not alone ~ we are here to help.


Learning you are pregnant when you didn’t plan for it can be very scary. You have goals and it feels like you’re losing control. You’ve mapped out your future, and a baby doesn’t come in to play for a few years.

It’s not easy to be where you are right now, but with information and support you can make healthy decisions for yourself and your baby. If you don’t want an abortion, but you aren’t ready to be a parent, adoption may be a reasonable option for you to pursue. At Next Step Pregnancy Services you are able to sort through your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental, caring atmosphere. Although we are not an adoption agency, and we don’t get involved with the adoption process, our staff and nurses are trained to answer your questions about adoption including adoption options and facts. If you decide adoption might be best for you, we will refer you to some local agencies.

Adoption is not giving-up your baby. Adoption is personally placing your baby in a loving home with a family that you hand-pick. When it comes to adoption, you are in control. You make the decisions.


Choosing to continue your pregnancy and parent your baby is a huge commitment and responsibility, and at Next Step we are prepared to help you as much as we can every step of the way. We work hand-in-hand with many local community agencies, and we give referrals for a wide range of pregnancy-related services, such as childbirth education and parenting classes. We also have a nurse who will meet with you at our office and help you through the process of attaining Washington State medical insurance coverage for your pregnancy. If you believe becoming a parent is the best choice for you, Next Step is here to help you through the necessities of pregnancy and beyond.

Next Step offers peer parenting support, parenting classes and practical help for single women and low income families. During your pregnancy, you are welcome to free maternity clothes, and once the baby is born, we offer monthly assistance of material items, such as diapers, formula, baby clothes and toys, for approximately the first two years of your baby’s life. We are able to offer these items at no cost to you because of a very generous donor base who want to help families in need. With the support of our caring staff, community support and our free parenting services, we believe you will find confidence and assurance in your decision to become a parent. Contact us to learn more about our parenting support and classes, parenting advice and services.